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5 Tips for Getting a Job

These are tough times for finding work. But there’s hope, especially if you follow these expert tips.

By Nina Hämmerling Smith, Weston, Connecticut

Back in 2007, Kathryn Rose had a job she loved, handling mortgage-backed securities for a large financial institution. Then the mortgage meltdown happened, and her department was shut down. She was eight months pregnant.  The profession she’d learned inside out just didn’t exist in the same way anymore. So Rose decided to reinvent herself.

It wasn’t easy, she admits: “It’s like jumping off a cliff and growing wings on the way down.” But Rose took a hard look at her past accomplishments, taught herself some new skills and reached out to friends and former colleagues. She started getting work—lots of work—as a social media and online marketing expert, and pretty soon was self-publishing books like the award-winning Step by Step Guide to Facebook.


How to Convert Unhappy Customers on the Internet

One of the major challenges of company-consumer relations is dealing with tough feedback. And with so many brands becoming increasingly engaged on social media channels, the chances of discovering nothing  but positive comments about your business are slim.

Even if you or your brand isn’t involved in the social media world, the conversation is still going on. Expert social media strategist Kathryn Rose offered some steps to help protect brand reputation while also turning unhappy customers into loyal fans on

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So You Want to Start a Business Blog…

by  | March 13th, 2012

How do you connect with customers – and potential customers – online? Here, some blogging experts offer key ways to get your business noticed in the blogosphere.

A majority of small business­­­ owners­­­ (85 percent) are aware of blogs, but only 8 percent indicate that they use them, according to Network Solutions and the University of Maryland’s 2011 Survey of Small Business Success. Such a low blogging rate may stem from a number of factors, such as not knowing where to start, lack of time or difficulty figuring out how to market a blog once it’s complete.

Here, the experts weigh in on some FAQs about blogging.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Before anything else, think about your concept. Once you establish why you’re starting a blog, whether for brand awareness, advertising revenue or improving your web presence, it’s essential to consider what you will provide.

“Start by thinking what your readers/buyers will want. You want to equip them for success, not write about your products,” Chris Brogan, author and social media expert, tells IMT. “Then, figure out the first 20 topics or so. If you’re writing weekly, this will keep you powered up for a while.” Brogan, whose blog [] is included on AdAge’s Power150 top marketing blog list, also emphasizes that business bloggers should consider how they will serve the rest of the company. “The blog’s goal isn’t to market. The goal is to equip your buyers and existing customers.”

Q: I have the concept. What about the style?

A: Successful blog posts are engaging and provide a place for customer feedback to keep clients coming back for more. To stay engaging, some companies encourage feedback via blogs and respond to them in short posts. Starbucks, for example, publishes Ideas in Action, a blog that updates customers on inquiries, reports.

For style, think about how to leave a good first (and lasting) impression without going over the top. “Give yourself a head start by choosing a name and a design that reflect your company’sbranding by thinking in terms of theme and style,” Network Solutions suggests, advising businesses to look at their current advertising or website style.

While posts do not need to be longer than 350 words, they should be presentable and free of errors. Copyblogger provides an infographic that highlights 15 Grammar Goofs, which can leave an unprofessional impression.

Q: Where do I get new content?

A: Small business owners don’t have to look far for content. In the upcoming book,  Solving the Social Media Puzzle, coauthor and social media consultant Kathryn Rose outlines how to present effective content, and suggests companies answer common questions and provide original content by interviewing services or complementary providers.

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How to Prep for Facebook’s New Timeline Design

Facebook has announced plans to launch its new Timeline Design for brands, platform-wide later this month. With a few weeks to prepare, here are some things your small business should know about the design, according to social media expert Kathryn Rose.

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How Restaurants Are Using Social Media to Their Advantage

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Social Media Expert Kathryn Rose Will Join Nationally Recognized Speakers and Leaders at the Sixth Annual Massachusetts Conference for Women

Social media keynote speaker, Kathryn Rose joins fellow social media expert Laura Fitton to present “Social Media: The No-Cost Equalizer for Small Business” as part of the Massachusetts Conference for Women, Spark and Hustle Small Business Bootcamp. The event also features other nationally recognized speakers such as Mika Brezinski, Martha Beck, and Tory Johnson. Read more…

Trio of Social Media Experts at the Small Business Survival Summit in Baltimore Help Businesses Solve the Facebook Puzzle

Facebook is the largest online social network with over 600 million active users. For small businesses to really thrive in today’s market, it’s essential to fully understand and integrate all that Facebook offers. A trio of Certified Social Media Strategists, Kathryn Rose, Apryl Parcher and Heather Graham are coming together on September 7th to conduct a four-hour workshop on the topic at the Small Business Survival Summit in Baltimore.

The workshop, entitled: “Solving the Facebook Puzzle: a Step-by-Step Strategy for Marketing Your Business Using the World’s Largest Social Network”, will be presented on Wednesday September 7th, the first day of the three-day summit.  Read more


Kathryn Rose, Social Media Author, Trainer and Strategist, to Speak at Savor the Success, Rock the World NYC

Kathryn Rose, leading author, social media, search engine optimization strategist and collaboration marketing expert, has been invited by Savor the Success to speak at their annual Women Entrepreneurs Rock the World conference on May 4 and 5th at the Union Square Ballroom, 27 Union Square West, NYC  Read more…

Kathryn Rose, Social Media Consultant and Author of the Newly Updated “The Parent’s Guide to Facebook” to Speak at Town Hall Meeting About Cyberbullying

(March 20, 2011, Norwalk, CT) Kathryn Rose, social media strategist, author and speaker, has been invited to speak on a panel addressing cyberbullying. The panel, which includes CT Attorney General George Jepsen, Alice Kahn – VP, Social Responsibility, Cartoon Network, Turner Broadcasting, Shira Katz, Digital Life Senior Manager and Donna Valentine, Ed.D. Stamford High School Principal will offer insights and advice for students facing this severe growing problem. Read more on CBS Moneywatch

Kathryn Rose, Social Media Optimization Expert, to Speak at Ladies Who Launch NY Dream it Launch it Live it Global Conference

November 5, 2010 (New York, NY)  Kathryn Rose, leading author, social media and search engine optimization strategist and trainer has been invited by Ladies Who Launch to hold two training sessions at the New York location of the Dream It, Launch It, Live It Global Conference on November 8 and 9th.
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Facebook Tips For Parents

Updated: Tuesday, 22 Jun 2010, 9:26 AM EDT
Published : Tuesday, 22 Jun 2010, 9:26 AM EDT

Navigating social websites like Myspace and Facebook can be difficult for parents.

There is a new book out called “The Facebook Guide For Parents.” Author Kathryn Rose shared some of her tips with Mike and Sheinelle Tuesday on “Good Day.” Rose explained the minimum age for a person to set-up a Facebook page is 13 years old. “But one in five children between the ages of 9 and 12 have them.”

Writer to Watch: Kathryn Rose, author of A Parent’s Guide to Facebook

Author of A Parent’s Guide to Facebook, Kathryn Rose, granted the WM Freelance Connection the opportunity to interview her about her newly released book and her marketing experience. Kathryn Rose is not only an author, but a marketing strategist as well.

Kathryn Rose Knows How to Teach You Social Media!

I’m pleased to introduce you to my friend and colleague, Kathryn Rose, author of The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook, The Parent’s Guide to Facebook and The Grandparent’s Guide to Facebook.

Kathryn also just announced the publication of her newest books on social media: The Step-by-Step Guides to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Search Engine Optimization and Video Marketing.



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