Clients work with Kathryn in the following disciplines:

Collaboration Consulting: Kathryn works with clients from large corporate sales teams to small businesses and entrepreneurs in the areas of collaboration and networking. She teaches people at all levels of an organization to think collaboratively; to naturally lean toward the win-win creative teamwork that gets projects and goals achieved faster and easier than doing the work alone.
She is the co-creator of the Social Buzz Club, a marketing collaboration network where businesses can dramatically extend the reach of their message using the international network and social media tools.

Search Engine Optimization Consulting: Kathryn’s team utilizes cutting edge search engine optimization strategies and tactics to increase profits for clients by increasing their visibility across search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. She is the author of The Step by Step Guide to SEO and Video Marketing for Business.

Social Media Consulting: Clients come to Kathryn for help understanding how to actually make money with their social media campaigns. Often there’s little return on investment with social media for businesses, and Kathryn teaches CEOs and small business owners how to increase profits while reducing the amount of time spent monitoring campaigns.

She is the author of five books on social media, including The Step by Step Guide to Facebook for Business and The Step by Step Guide to Twitter for Business.

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